Friday, 19 August 2011

my favourite movie!

This time, I wanna talk about my favourite movie which I've never failed to watch it in the cinemas before. It's called Transformers!


My favourite movie genre is action and this is one of my favourite action movies. Transformers is a story about a teenager named Sam Witwicky whose buy a car which it's turns out to be a robot from the universe. The robot called Bumblebee and he told Sam that there many other robots (Autobot) came to earth to get protection from being attack by the Decepticons. Sam was told by the leader of the Autobot named Optimus Prime that Autobot and Decepticons has been in a war for years. Optimus Prime needs Sam's help in order to protect themselves and the earth. Their advantures continue when they had been attack by Megatrone the leader of the Decepticons.

Sam Witwicky

Optimus Prime



Sunday, 14 August 2011

ghost story..

Well firstly I have to say that I don't have any experienced about ghost before. I only heard about them from my friends but I never saw it but now I think already experienced it. This is my story.

That day, I was awake on 6.30 a.m. and then  I saw that my roommate Mira went out from the room to go to take a shower. I get up and took my toiletries with me and walked to the bath room. When I was there, I saw my roommate Mira was taking 'wudhuk'. Even though I was still sleepy, but I still can remember the clothes that she wear that morning. It was the same clothes that she wear the night before. It was brown shirt and black pants. My eyes only stared at her I don't care about other girls around me. I stared at her from the beginning she take her wudhuk until she finished. After that I saw she go out from the bath room and suddenly, there is someone pat on my shoulder and called my name. When I turned around, it was shocking me because it was my roommate Mira who just go out from the bath room! But the weird thing is, she's not wearing the brown shirt. She's wearing a towel instead which shows that she already taking a shower. But when I saw her just now, she not taking a shower yet and still wear the brown shirt.

When I saw her face, I'm speechless and then I grab her hand and I took her out of the bath room because I want to know who is the person that I saw just now. but when I look outside of the toilet, there is no one. My roommate asking me why I'm pulling her out from bath room and I just said "Nothing". I don't want to tell Mira about it because I don't want to scared her out but that day was still remains mystery.

my childhood memories of ramadhan

When I was a kid, I always wondering when the Ramadhan would come because among all months in a year, Ramadhan is my favourite. This is because Ramadhan is the time that me and my family will spent a lot of time together. I still remember when its time for 'sahur' my mum  will awake the entire family and serves a warm food for us. Even though it's just a simple side dishes but I'm still feel happy.

When I was a child, there is a Bazaar Ramadhan near my house which i love to go. Every afternoon I will ask my sister to accompany me to go to the bazaar. When my sister was busy helping my mum in the kitchen, my father will accompany me.

One more thing that I love about ramadhan is, my mum will cook many delicious side dishes everyday during Ramadhan for berbuka. I loves to help her out because it can make me forget about the hunger. When it's time for berbuka, all my family  members will be gathered and wait for azan maghrib. After berbuka, me and my sisters will help my mum to bake the 'kuih raya' it's my favourite activity because we can eat the kuih raya as many as we can after the kuih raya is baked.

Now when me and all my siblings has grown up, it's hard for us to gathered again during Ramadhan since all my siblings has already married and they had their own family. I also do not have much time to spent with my family since I entered UiTM because I have many assignments to do. When I missed my family, I will remember all our memories together during Ramadhan. It's such a precious memories.

Monday, 1 August 2011

10 facts about yuslina..!

I hate insects especially cockroach..
I hate cockroaches! eventhough I'm not afraid to kill it by myself but please go away from me..!! I don't like you Mr. Cockroaches..! But I love to watch Oggy and Cockroaches. Its my favourite cartoon. Hehe.

I'm daddy's favourite daughter..
My father loves me more than he loves my other sibblings. That's why all my sibblings was jealous of me. He will buy me everything. All i need to do was just ask.

I love to go to book shop..
Yes this is true. When i was surrounded by thousands of books I feel happy and excited. It's like i want to jump around because I can read any books that I want.

19 is my favourite number..
Why 19?? To me 19 is my soul number because it has lots of common with my life. For example, my D.O.B is 19 June 1992. This year, i'm 19 years old.

I hate maths!
Calculating is my weakness. Back in school, mathematics is the subject that i dislikes the most. Maybe because I'm bad in calculating that's why i hate it. Hehe.

I loves to eat..
It's the activity that i like to do all the time. If I'm hungry, I will ask my roomate to give me some food because I had nothing left to eat.

I have a driving license!
I'm proud of this fact because most of my friends does not have driving license. Now, I can go where ever I want. So, don't be jealous ok?

I have two houses..
Surprised? Actually I was born and grow up in Kuala Lumpur but then my family moved to Negeri Sembilan. So, I can choose wether to go back to negeri sembilan or to stay in KL.

I hate horror movies
I don't like horror movies especially Final Destination. With all the creature popped out of no where and the weird noise. It's scary me!

i love chicken..
Many of my friends already know about this. If i want to eat, I will eat chicken. It's not that I can't eat fish, shrimp or any other food but will definitely choose chicken without hesitation. I eat chicken everyday since I was small.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

IMS family day..!!!

On 3 of July 2011 (Sunday) the Information Management Society which is my faculty has organize an event for all sudents and lecturers in DIIM. It's the Family Day event! The event is being held at the rugby field started on 8 a.m. Now, I want tell you a little bit about the Family Day.

Our first activity is warm up. All the exco has guide us by doing warm up together. We do the aerobic exercise for about 20 minutes. After that, we relaxed for a couple of minutes while enjoying our breakfast that the IMS faculty provided. 
About 9 a.m. the first activity for that day is explorace. This activity only can be participated by juniors, part 1 and past 2. This explorace ended at 12 p.m. After that, all students allowed to go back to their college to rest from 12 until 2 p.m.

At 2 p.m. All students has gathered once again at the rugby field after eating lunch. We continue our program with having a telematch between students and lecturers. Everyone having so much fun in this activity.
The last activity is what we called it "tarik tali". It is the most fun activity bacause all students and lecturers has been participated. I also take part in this game. All students has been very supportive by giving their support to the contestants. Eventhough it is very tiring, but we enjoy the games.

Here I attached some picture that i took at the family day.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

my lovely classmates.. ^^

Hey everyone..! Let me introduce you my classmates. Starting with the boys.

A) Mohd Azri: azri is a photographer from selayang kuala lumpur. He loves anything about photography. he's hobby of course taking a picture. :) If i have any question about photography i'll definitely ask him.

B) Mohd Afiq: He was very smart student. my friends says that Afiq is mystery. Haha.. Yeah he is some kind of mysterious guy because i don't know much about him since i rarely talk to him. Maybe because i was scared? All i can conclude about him is he is a loyal person, sensitive, nice and stylish!

C) Ahmad Shahir: He's from Damansara. He just a simple guy. He has a very nice personality and he always concerns about his classmates. Since i know him from part 1, he never hurt my feelings. In fact, he would cracks some jokes to make me laugh.

D) Mohd Shafie'e: Our class rap for this semester! since he likes to sing and have a gifts of a nice voice, he joined the Khalifah group which is the nasyid group in UiTM Segamat. He likes to tease people around him. He's funny, kind and spontaneous person.

E) Mohd Hakiim: akim is a very nice friend of mine. he always concern about others. sometimes he and shafie'e likes to tease me. sincerely, i don't know much about him, but i know akim is a nice guy.

Now let me introduce the girls.

1) Sayang Zuliza: We call her Sayang! Sayang is a very quite person. She has a chubby looks which makes her looks cute. She has a cute smile. Sayang has a soft voice, and cheerful personality.

2) Zafeera Aswani: A very nice girl. She's not that talkative but to me, she is a responsible person. She's a very simple girl and always come early to class and i hardly seeing her not attending to the class. Sometimes she can be so sensitive that is the unique side of her.

3) Nur Farahin Zuhairi: Our assistant class rap for this emester! Congrats girl! Farahin is a very silent person. I rarely heard her voice in class but the most unique about her is her smile. She always throw out her smile to everyone! I never saw her talking with other boys in my class, maybe she's a bit kind of shy.

4) Nurul Fatin Hannah: me and hannah staying at the same college that is Si Manja Kini. Only two of us stay at the same college. She's from Kajang, Selangor. Hannah is girl who can take of herself and always watch her manner. She's got a wonderful smile. She's nice, intelligent, and pretty.

5) Nur Farah Syafikha: She has a brown beautiful eyes. Her mother was a Chinese so, that makes her has a mix blood. She also can speak in Chinese (mandarin) very well. She's from Johor Bharu even though she has a happy personality, but she doesn't like to share her problems with her friends. If she cannot handle her problems alone, she will cry suddenly. She such a sensitive person.

6) Noor Hafizah: I called her Fiza. Fiza, Farah and Hannah are good friends. there always stick together where ever they go. Fizah is a simple girl and sometimes can be funny. I love being friends with her because she got a wonderful personality.

7) Nur Farahin Adnan: Or her nickname is Dak'en. She's the loudest student in my class. She's a bit clumsy and funny. She enjoys to tease people around her. For her appearance, she has a boyish style look. She likes to cracks a joke and teasing around of her classmates.

8) Serena: Serena is such a shy person. I never saw her talking to the boys in my class. Maybe because of her extreme shyness desease. Well even so, when she was with her friends, she looks more comfortable and relax. She's such a humble person and never hurt other's feelings.

9) Yuslina: That's me..! :)

10) Ana Shazreen: This cute little girl was from Alor Gajah, Malacca. she has 6 siblings and 14 nephews. She is a very friendly person to me, because Ana is talkative type of person. Her English was better than me that makes me jealous of her sometimes. I like the way she talk confidently infront of many people.

11) Nurul Herdayani: The funniest person in our class! We will definitely laugh out loud when she cracks a joke. Even when I'm just look at her face it can makes me feel funny. All my classmates called her 'Cik Com' which the meaning is "comel". To me, Nurul has a unique personality!

12) Hanis Syahirah: All my classmates called her Anis. She's from Mallaca. She always come to class along with her friends Fizah and Fetri. I was wondering if she has a homesick because almost every week she will going back to her hometown. Haha! Anyway, Anis is a sweet and a very lovely person. I love her!

13) Fizah Kahar: Fizah is just like a big sister to me. Her age now is 20 years old. Fizah is a calm person and i respect her because she's older than me. Even so she's older than her other classmates, she's always being so humble to us.

14) Noor Azmah: She is one of my best friends. She has a dimples on her cheek which makes her looks sweet when she smiling. At first, i thought  azmah was some kind of "brutal" girl, but after i know her, I begin to realize that azmah was just another sweet girl who is sensitive, kind and lovely.

15) Nur Hafini: I oftenly called her Fini. my another best friend. she was born in Penang but for now she's staying in Batu Pahat. As i know, she likes to drink milo ais. She has very fair skin and that makes her look more cuter.

16) Hidayah Hamid: She's my best friends. She is one of the oldest student in my class because she was born one year older than us. Currently she was 20 years old. She has a happy-go-lucky personality. Also, another smart student from my class with an excellent pointer for this past two semesters.

17) Zahirah Ezatty: A cute girl from Kuantan, Pahang. people oftenly called her along because she is the oldest siblings in her family. From my point of view, she likes to wear converse shoes and shawls to class. She's kind of sporty type of girl but she can be cute sometimes.

18) Fatin Azman: All her friends called her "baby". I don't why, maybe she has a baby face or she was too cute like a baby. She has a nice fair skin. Fatin is friendly girl. She' one of the loudest persons in my class. Even so, she's very nice friend.

19) Nurul Fetri: She has a twin who also studying in UiTM, Segamat. Sometimes, when me and my other classmates saw her twin, we got confused whether its Fetri or her twin. Fetri is a creative person. She likes to make a cute handycrafts and wears shawls to class. She's from Bukit Siput, Segamat.

20) Haifaa Marni: She's a very quite person in my class. It's hard to hear she's talking to others because she has a soft voice. Even though i rarely talk to her, but i know she has a nice personality. People says "don't judge a book by its cover", haifaa may look passive, but she is one of the smart students in my class.

21) Nurul Fazlin: She's a very polite girl in my class. Fazlin and i likes to teasing and joking to each other. What i like about Fazlin is, she always smiling to everyone and she's a responsible person.

22) Amy Rashidah: I called her Amy. Amy is very nice girl who's came from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. She's also a Korean lover which is the same as me. Well, as i see her she had childish personality and a bit clumsy sometimes. When her speak, its hard to hear her voice because she has a very soft voice.

23) Haneefa Mokhtar: Neefa is very quite person, but she can be too emotional sometimes. Neefa is rarely talking to the boys in class but i like her because she has a pleasant personality.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lets Talk About My Roomates..!

My roommates! Emm.. There are 4 students in my room including me. Which is 1 senior, 2 pra-diploma students and me. Let my introduce each one of them to you. :)

This is Fateen Erna binti Mat Arif. Me and other my roomates called her Kak Fateen. She's from Shah Alam and she's the senior in my room. She is in part 4 and taking course as the same as me - information management. Even though she is a senior, but she's so humble and always take care of her roommates. Me and Kak Fateen always have a chat together talking about many things and joking with the two pra-diploma students in my room.

This cute girl's name is Isnadia binti Ismail. Her age is 18 years old. She's a pra-diploma student. She's a quite person and doesn't talk to her roommates oftenly. But, she's such a nice person. If i tell her that I'm hungry, she will gave me her food and she wants me to share her food with her. Every morning, if i have class on 8 a.m. she would wake me up.. So sweet!! She's also such a hard-working person.

The last one is Nurr Amiera binti Nasuha. She is 18 years old and also a pra-diploma student. If Isnadia always quite, Amiera has a different case. She is the loudest person in my room. She has a happy-go-lucky personality. She always told me that she's tired from doing all her homework. If she needs to go to the toilet, she will asks me to accompany her because she scared of ghost. She also a friendly type of person which lead her to have many friends.

Overall, although all my roommates has their own story, but i love them because they know how make their other roommates comfortable by not making a loud noise and always share our things together. That's makes us more closer to each other and the most important thing is, we respect others.