Friday, 19 August 2011

my favourite movie!

This time, I wanna talk about my favourite movie which I've never failed to watch it in the cinemas before. It's called Transformers!


My favourite movie genre is action and this is one of my favourite action movies. Transformers is a story about a teenager named Sam Witwicky whose buy a car which it's turns out to be a robot from the universe. The robot called Bumblebee and he told Sam that there many other robots (Autobot) came to earth to get protection from being attack by the Decepticons. Sam was told by the leader of the Autobot named Optimus Prime that Autobot and Decepticons has been in a war for years. Optimus Prime needs Sam's help in order to protect themselves and the earth. Their advantures continue when they had been attack by Megatrone the leader of the Decepticons.

Sam Witwicky

Optimus Prime




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